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MediaTek Qualcomm rebranding directed at the backyard
[ 2014-2-11 ]

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 8 , according to Reuters, Taiwan's MediaTek (MTK) , as China 's largest smart phone chip supplier , and now the new growth target has already focused on the U.S. market - and as the world's largest mobile chip supplier Qualcomm , then perhaps it is time to consider a defensive strategy.

MediaTek has developed a new global branding program , and plans to San Diego, California , that Qualcomm's headquarters , opened branches and sales department .

According to Vice President of MediaTek American Enterprise Sales Christine Taylor (Kristin Taylor) said the company this year will recruit about 150 engineers in the United States , business development and marketing staff, and add 300 U.S. workers. In addition, outside the United States this year will add 1,000 new jobs , or 10% of the current total number of employees .

"We really feel that this is a strategic region ." Taylor stressed , and revealed that MediaTek will open new offices in the next few months in San Diego Sorrento Tech Valley (Sorrento Valley) - this area also including a large number of high -tech enterprises through mainland headquarters in the host .

"We have a large number of technology partners are also located in this area and we want to better serve them ." Last year, Taylor joined the company MediaTek , after she was also a Qualcomm senior executives.

Leave Asia , MediaTek's name is almost unknown. The company in the past decade by low-end mobile phone chip market monopoly and fortune , and successfully helped the Chinese smart phone brand millet and South Korea's LG Electronics launched priced at less than $ 100 smart phone devices.

MediaTek launched this month to reshape the brand image promotion program designed to allow the company to achieve out of China , to the U.S. and global developed markets , in order to challenge Qualcomm's goal.

"In this node, we need to reposition itself to better serve the global market , not just one corner of the world ." Taylor said . But she declined to disclose more specific strategic information .

Due to the lack of good relations with the U.S. mobile operator , MediaTek is unlikely in the short period of time in the high-end market, a challenge to Qualcomm . But in the mid-and low-end market , in view of the higher -class MediaTek through lower prices , some, such as Broadcom, Nvidia , Intel, and even have the same regard as the biggest rival Qualcomm technology companies , or will reach their collaboration.

According to the Strategy Analytics analyst Sravan Kundojjala given MediaTek current share market capitalization reached $ 18 billion , up from Broadcom and Nvidia . Although the company in China 's mobile phone chip shipments far more high-pass, but its share of the U.S. market was less than 3%.

MediaTek believes that its future chips will be able to help produce a high pass on the device is comparable to high-end products , but the price is very cheap mobile phone devices.

"The future opportunity lies ( MediaTek ) to win some edge vendors, then give them excellent platform , great performance and low price ." Evercore analyst Patrick Wang said, " and then make several products in the U.S. carriers adoption so all of a sudden you 'll see MediaTek market share to increase substantially . "

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